18 October 2009

Video: Holding His Head Up

Here's a video of Bennett after a feeding.  We were very surprised how well Bennett holds up his head.  Since Bennett has never been placed on his tummy (due to surgery and a ileostomy bag), we had no clue he would have still developed the ability to hold his head up.  I guess this is the magic of human spite of your circumstances!


  1. How cool, and what a handsome young man he is.
    Aunt Fluff and I enjoy your blog kids. We look at it every day. We've been praying for you, and Bennett.
    Uncle Ronnie, and Aunt Fluff

  2. Bennett looks stronger each day! We love the video :) He's very precious. ~Blair & David

  3. Oh Breck! He is adorable! I'm so happy to see that he is such a strong boy.

    You and Brian are awesome parents.

  4. He is SOOO precious!!! It is awesome to see him so awake and active!

  5. He is precious. And so strong, holding his head up! Praying for you daily.
    Angie and Charlie Lechner
    and family

  6. Love the video! He's looking SOOOO good! He looks like a little rockstar in this video with that hair!

  7. Love that beautiful boy and don't worry about how you will handle things. God will be with you. Things that seem so big now will become a part of everyday life. May God bless your whole family.
    A CF mom

  8. What a wonderful video...Makes me want to just hold him and cuddle him...I think I know how hard it must be for your mother and dad Breck. If our prayers are heard...and the are....he will get stronger each can be so hard, I am just so sorry that Bennetts has begun so early, but with parents like you and Brian, he is a very lucky little guy...Keep your chins up...we love you here on Tatum street!!! "Aunt" Norma and "Uncle" Dave


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