30 October 2009

Happy One Month Birthday, Bennett!

Today Bennett turns 1 month old.  In honor of his bitty birthday, we thought we'd look back over how much he has changed in just 4 weeks.

12 Hours Old

1 Day Old

3 Days Old

6 Days Old

9 Days Old

12 Days Old

16 Days Old

18 Days Old

20 Days Old

24 Days Old

28 Days Old

1 Month Old


  1. Happy one-month Bennett! You are looking great and we're all so proud of you!!!

  2. Happy one month birthday!!! You are amazing (and so are your parents).

  3. I adore the photo of Bennett at 28 days. He looks so comfortable -- like he's sitting there just chillin'. If he could talk, I think he might say: "Mom and Dad, this NICU thing really isn't bad. In fact, I like it here!" He looks so content!

    P.S. My bible study group continues to pray for you and Bennett. We talk about him every week. They ask for updates, and then we all pray BIG for Bennett's health and your family's well being. Most of the couples in the group have small kids, so they are really taking this to heart and praying hard. Lots of love coming your way from Ohio!

  4. he is so cute from cousin julia venz


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