10 October 2009

Day 9 - Pictures

Bennett gets an X-ray.  We thought this was pretty cool today.  The X-Ray technician brought the X-ray machine to Bennett's bedside.  The nurse lifted him up and put a board underneath him so the X-ray would work correctly. 

Bennett needed an X-ray today because he had a PICC line put in.  A PICC line (peripherally inserted central catheter) is a long, slender, small, flexible tube that was inserted into Bennett's arm.  The line goes underneath his skin from his arm into his heart's right atrium.   The point of a PICC line is to obtain intravenous access.   This will be how Bennett gets his nutrients and other medications.  The PICC line is a long term solution since a regular IV line is valuable for only a few days.

Moving the board out from underneath Bennett.

We love to see our snuggle-bug upright.  It makes him more like a real baby.

Sleeping with his new purple pacifer.  Believe it or not, but he sucks a paci despite the large tube in his mouth that is there to suck any junk from his tummy out.  He doesn't even seem to notice.

Cuddled under his blankets.  Bennett is put on his left side so his lungs can drain the mucus inside.

Catching Bennett smile while he's asleep.

Daddy looks after his boy.

Brian loves on Bennett while Monkey watches.

We often feel like we can't get close to Bennett due to the NICU, his isolet and all the tubes.  But this picture is so intimate.  Brian's finger reaches in to be near his son.

Bennett's tiny hand wrapped around Daddy's strong finger.


  1. Bennett is beautiful!

  2. Such sweet pictures! He is looking better and better every day.


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