09 October 2009

Day 8 - Pictures

After spending Wednesday night and all day Thursday with Oliver in Waco, it was 11pm before we were able to see our other little man.

Unfortunately, they had to put his cannula back in as his vitals were dropping at one point durng the day.  They hope to be able to take it out in the next day or so.  The main reason for this struggle is all of the junk in his lungs, a classic sign of CF.

In some ways, he's looking more and more like a healthy infant.

Breck was the first one to hold him this evening.  Unfortunately, Bennett began showing signs that he was hurting and needed Brian chose to allow him to rest in peace in his isolet and let the nurse attend to his needs. 

All snuggled up and enjoying his drugs. :)

The machines are fewer and fewer each day.  We are one more day closer to a wireless baby!


  1. What sweet pictures! I'm so glad you are getting more and more time to connect with Bennett! Each day, he's making such small baby step at a time! We love you and continue to pray for you.

  2. These pictures are just wonderful. What a handsome little guy!

  3. He is so precious Breck and Brian! How exciting to see more and more space around him as the machines disappear! We're praying for you continually and feel very blessed to have you as our friends, what powerful faith and love you have!


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