04 October 2009

Day 3 Pictures

Daddy visits with Bennett.

The brown bag on Bennett's tummy is called a ileostomy.  Bennett's small intestine is connected to the bag in order to keep his waste from going through his colon.  This allows his colon to recover from surgery.  At some point in the future Bennett will need to go back through surgery to have his small intestine reattached to his colon.   At that point he will be able to nurse.

Momma caring for Baby.  Apparently parents in the NICU are given opportunities from time to time to take care of their babies.  It seemed so silly but Breck really enjoyed getting to take Bennett's temperature.

One of the nurses mentioned to us that each day we should take a picture of the room.  She said a great way to document a baby's recovery is to watch how each of the monitors begin to disappear one by one.

Sleeping soundly.

Bennett tries to cry.  We watched Bennett "cry" this morning.  He was probably due for morphine.  Unfortunately, the tubes in his throat run right through his vocal cords.  Therefore, he cannot cry right now.  Also, notice the infrared spectrometer on his forehead (this measured the amount of oxygenation in his tissues).  When we visited him this morning he had them on.

However, when we came in the afternoon, it was gone! Hooray!

By the way, check out Bennett's little faux hawk.  We love it! :)  Brian thinks he's starting to show signs of male patterned baldness.


  1. We think his hair is cute too, he looks like a rock star at such an early age... oh man ladies watch out!


  2. YAY for one monitor gone! And I love his hair :)

  3. great pictures and updates. thanks for keeping us informed! I check your blog obsessively now.
    the brookins family

  4. So glad to hear about Bennett's progress.

    - Heather


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