29 October 2009

Day 29 - Pictures

Tonight during our visit with Bennett, Breck asked to wash Bennett's hair.  In some ways, this was "the first bath."

These pictures were taken by Bennett's nurse since Brian had to watch Oliver out in the waiting room.

Bennett slept right through his hair washing. One of the things Breck noticed most when she was caring for him was how much he has started to fill out.

Bennett - 1 Month Old
As matter of fact, she was struck by how much Bennett reminded her of Oliver.

Oliver - 1 Day Old
We think it's because even though in these pictures they are 1 month a part, Bennett still hasn't caught up to Oliver's birth weight of 8lbs, 1oz yet. However, they are close in weight so it's easier to see how much they favor each other.

Breck styles his faux-hawk just right.

All clean and warm!

While Momma was with Bennett, Daddy watched Oliver playing in the waiting room.

You'd think an empty waiting room full of chairs would be boring...but not to a two year old.  It's a play land.  Oliver "worms" his way across the chairs.

Stopping to watch the cars.

A shot of the hospital parking lot with a window reflection of the waiting room.  Breck was pretty proud of her photography...even if her picture doesn't exactly translate on a blog.


  1. I've got three comments...
    First, I like the new header! I might consider it for my son's website, too!
    Second, I thought the waiting room looked very dull until I saw Oliver using it as a playland!
    Thirdly, I appreciate the coolness of the reflection photo!

  2. Bennett has the best parents he could have.


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