28 October 2009

Day 28 - Update

We were unable to work it in our schedule to see our little guy yesterday but Breck was able to go this morning (Brian was unable since he had school).

Bennett continues to gain weight and seems to be doing well on his antibiotics.  He has another week of IV antibiotics to go.

Dr. Cipriani, the doctor taking care of Bennett while Dr. Guo is out of town for the week, wondered aloud today if Bennett would gain more weight once he was "put back together again." She suggested that we go ahead and try to get him surgery to reattach his ileus to his colon before he leaves the hospital, since it will be nearly 6 weeks out from his surgery by the time he is discharged next week.

We are very excited about this option as it would be best for Bennett and easiest for our family.  Of course, the surgeons may suggest we wait longer in ordeer to prevent scar tissue but Dr Cipriani will call us later after they have talked.   If he did have the surgery, Bennett would have to stay in the NICU longer, but ultimately it would save us time as he wouldn't have to be discharged and then readmitted later.  We're keeping our fingers crossed!

Breck has spoken with several CF families in the past few days.  It has taken us several weeks to pull up the courage to begin conversations with other CF families.  We have needed time to allow Bennett's diagnosis to sink in and to allow our questions to form.  Talking to other CF families is, in essense, admitting you're like them.  But that's a hard pill to swallow when only weeks before you had never considered you'd have your own CF story to share.

Also, wanted to send a shout out to Bennett's godmother Emily for the beautiful banner on Bennett's webpage.  We love it!  Thank you, Em!

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  1. Thanks for the update We'll pray hard that he can get the surgery soon...God willing.

    I'm glad to hear you've talked to some other CF families. I've had a number of people tell me that they (or someone they know) would be willing to talk to you. Since you're doing that now, I'll collect the people and send them your way if you're interested.

    Also, Kudos to Emily on the banner! I noticed the change in the site. It looks wonderful!


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