28 October 2009

Day 28 - Pictures

Our little guy is doing well!  He doesn't cry very often and is very happy to look around and watch the world around him...even if his world consist only of a myriad of sterile products, paid nurses and sick babies. 

Bennett sports the IV on the right side of his head today.   He looks like he's wearing a bow in his hair.  Don't tell Daddy.

Bright-eyed Bennett

Giraffe is always nearby.

Irritated that he isn't making it into Bennett's pictures often enough, Monkey takes things into his own hands.

Ah, snuggling next to Bennett makes Monkey happy.

Bennett finally concedes.

What a happy bunch.

The gang watches the busy nurses walk by.

Home sweet home...for now.  (Only two machines left: heart monitor and antibiotic IV machine!)


  1. What a sweet little blessing Bennet is...I will be praying for you, your family, and Bennet!

  2. Sorry I misspelled you sweet son's name, Bennett.

  3. Love the pictures! The ongoing saga with Monkey and Giraffe is just too cute for words. You're so creative, Breck! I'm glad Bennett's always got his friends nearby.

  4. Love all of these pictures, Britt! Love y'all!


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