26 October 2009

Day 26 - Update and Pictures

Today's update has both good news and bad news...

Good News: Bennett is starting to gain weight now that the doctors have put him on a diet of 1/2 breastmilk and 1/2 Progestimil (pre-digested) formula.  This is probably because his body can best digest the formula, rather than the breastmilk.  

Bad News: Bennett will not likely be able to be exclusively breastfed.  In addition, he will likely need to be tube fed some point at home.

Good news: Bennett got to put his little right hand through an outfit today and wear his clothes the 'right way'! He did so because the nurses removed his PICC line.

Bad news: Bennett's PICC line was removed because the area near the PICC line is still infected.

Bennett's little hand is blue and purple from being so poked and proded.
Last Wednesday, Bennett's PICC line became infected with a staph infection.  Dr. Guo put Bennett on antibiotics almost immediately and had hoped to rid the staph infection by Wednesday of this week.  However, last night a test revealed that the infection was not getting better.  Therefore, the nurses took the PICC line out and replaced it with a new IV.

Bennett has had alot of IV's throughout the last four weeks.  So the nurses are always trying to find new places to place them.  Today, Bennett had to have his IV in his head.  Poor guy.

Good news: Bennett is being treated for his staph infection and we believe it will be healed soon.

Bad news: Despite our hope that Bennett would come home this Friday, the doctors have determined they cannot discharge him (due to the staph infection) until at least Wednesday of next week.


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