25 October 2009

Day 24 - Pictures and Update

Bennett is doing well. Breck was able to breastfeed Bennett the first time on Thursday. It seemed like a wonderful experience for the both of them.  

Since Bennett is eating normally, he is no longer being IV fed.  The doctors are monitoring his weight and recently took a stool sample to determine whether he will need to take enzymes (typical for most CF patients) before he eats so his body will be able to absorb the nutrition.  While Bennett has not yet gained back his birth weight of 7lbs 11oz, his cheeks are starting to fill out with that "baby fat look."

Unfortunately, Bennett contracted a staph infection from his PICC line a few days ago.  Therefore, he is being given IV antibiotics through his PICC line.  At this point, this infection is basically the only thing that is keeping him in the NICU.  Once he is completed with the 7 day antibiotics, he should be ready to come home.

The nurses tell us that when we are gone, Bennett is usually a very happy baby.  They joke about how big he is (since they typically deal with premature babies) and how alert he is (he is approaching a month old).  Fortunately, he's no longer the most critical baby in the unit like he was 4 weeks ago. 

The nurses asked if we would bring up a few outfits for them to put on Bennett to keep him warm.  Unfortunately, they aren't able to put his right arm in the outfits due to the PICC line but we still enjoy getting to see him wear the little gowns and sleepers we anticipated he would be able to wear at home.


The nurses always talk about how Bennett loves his Giraffe.

The nurses also make comments about how big Bennett's feet and long Bennett's toes are!  We notice how tiny Bennett's legs still are.  Cystic Fibrosis will probably keep Bennett a skinny kid for most of his life.
If Bennett stays well, we should have our little man home within a week!  We can't wait!


  1. What darling pictures! And, to think Bennett is coming home in a week! What wonderful news! We'll be counting the days with you...

  2. He's becoming more and more handsome by the day! So glad to hear he'll be home soon!


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