20 October 2009

Day 20 - Pictures

Today, the nurses put Bennett in a baby recliner to allow him to get out of his bed.

Bennett is wearing a new outfit from Threads of Love, a sweet group of local people who sew little outfits for NICU babies.  The outfits are made especially with a NICU baby's unique clothing needs in mind.  The outfits are easy to put on and off because they are made with velcro.  So, while Bennett can't put a shirt sleeve through his right arm due to his PICC line, this little outfit just velcros right around it. 

Bennett sports the newest Threads of Love Race Car fashion. :)

Bennett enjoys rocking on the floor next to his crib...his pals look on.

But Monkey and Giraffe begin to feel lonely.

Giraffe decides he wants to keep Bennett company.

Monkey also doesn't want to miss out.  The three Musketeers together again.

Bennett couldn't be more excited.


  1. He's sure coming along! Those tubes are slowly disappearing. His eyes are WIDE open! I sure wish I could hold him and love on him, when he gets home. Your blog has made me feel so close to you all. I'm praying for you daily. He's precious, and I can't wait for you to be able to take him home. Ann McCaa

  2. Hey Breck! This is Abby Rice's friend, Beth. Threads of Love is a group of ladies from my church there in Belton!! I am so happy that Bennett received one of their outfits. They are all made with such love!! He looks so sweet hanging out with his little buddies!

    Praying for you! Beth

  3. These are so cute! I love how he's looking at the animals!

  4. Breck, Bennett is adorable. I am so glad to see he is making such great progress. Still praying for you and your family!

  5. I approve of him grabbing the giraffe over the monkey in pic 7.

    Giraffes tumble 6 ft to the ground upon being born (a rough entry to the world, perhaps similar to Bennett's) while monkeys sling poop.

    I like thinking my godson is more giraffe than monkey.

    Thanks for the continual updates!
    HIghlight of my evening is seeing what's upon with the little man....

    God be with you all!

  6. Love these pics! I especially enjoy the adventures of Mr. Monkey and Mr. Giraffe. Breck - I think you should write a children's book with these characters. Just think - the story could be something to help other children like Bennett. If you like the idea, I could help!!!


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