02 October 2009

Day 2 - Morning Pictures

After our first night at the Ronald McDonald house, we got to see our little man this morning.  The very first thing we noticed was how PINK he was!!  He's a beautiful shade of pink (sorry little man but we LOVE pink on you)! 

Breck doesn't remember ever seeing Bennett this pink before.  When he was born, he was a pale purple color.  And throughout his recovery from surgery, he has moved through several shades of blue, grey and purple.  The doctors say his blood transfusion seemed to really help him.  He has continued to get better since then.

Peeking under his covers.  Bennett is fast asleep. 
The nurses have put him on morphine to help him be most comfortable. 

Snuggled between a monkey, blankets and the tubes that keep him alive.

Bennett shields his little face from the bright light.

Daddy talks to the nurse to find out what she's doing.

Breck took this picture to demonstrate how similar Bennett's color looks in comparison to Brian's hand. 

Bennett's nurse Debi is suctioning out the junk in his stomach.  It is incredibly thick, which is somewhat worriesome to the doctors.  He'll need this stuff manually pumped out for some time, even as his stomach is not being used to store food.

One of the milestones from today is that he is moving more and having less dropping in his stats when he is handled.  He is getting morphine every 4 hours.

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