03 October 2009

Day 2 - Evening Pictures

Little Man

Sleeping more comfortably tonight.

Can you find the baby??

A family picture...minus big brother (no one other than parents are allowed in the NICU these days).

Bennett shields his eyes from the lights.

Tiny nose and curled up fingers.

We wish we could see something more than his eyes and nose in this picture.  Bennett's ventilator covers up most of his mouth.  Praying he'll be able to breathe on his own soon.

Tiny toes.

A picture from the top of Bennett's bed.  Each tube has a corresponding monitor.   The nurses say that through Bennett's recovery, each time he gets to lose a tube, he gets to lose a machine. 

Momma gently strokes her brave little boy.

A kiss for our Blessed Little One.

We hope that when we are not there, Bennett is comforted by his Monkey and a picture of Momma, Daddy and Oliver taped to his icelet.


  1. You've got a cute little boy there. We are continuing to pray for him and you both.


  2. breck--I actually found this blog from a link on a friend's website, but we've met through lindsay a few times....just wanted to let you know my family is praying for yours.

  3. oh--and ps. that is one handsome little man you've got--with a beautiful name, too!

  4. Ah, thanks, you guys. :) That means so much to me.


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