17 October 2009

Day 16 - Pictures - The First Feeding!!

Yesterday (Friday) afternoon, Dr. Guo called us to let us know that Bennett has been showing he can breathe on his own and is having good poops from the waste of the IV nutrients he's being given.  So, she had wanted us to know that she had officially removed both his cannula (breathing tube) and his stump tube (the one in his mouth).  She told us that we could not only come up and see him with no more facial tubes but also...start feeding him!!

Here is what our little man really looks like!!

Momma is estatic to be able to start feeing Bennett for the very first time!  (Brian wanted Breck to get to feed him first.)

Such a special moment.

Because the doctors don't know how Bennett's body will tolerate food, Bennett was given only 5 ml of breast milk at first. 

Watching Momma

Pursing his lips.
The nurses told us that babies that have had alot of tubes in their throats can actually have what they call "oral aversion."  Since so many of the things placed in their mouth tend to gag them (like the tubes placed down Bennett's throat), babies will often not want to suck on a pacifer or drink from a bottle.

Breck talks to Bennett while rocking him.

But finally, Bennett takes to the bottle.

Sipping on some milk.

What a wonderful moment for us.  Bennett will continue to drink 5 ml of milk the first day.  If he tolerates it well, he'll be given 10 ml tomorrow.  His milk will continue to increase daily as he continues to show signs he's doing well.  The hope is that his GI track is working correctly.

If Bennett does well with feedings, he will come home early.  If he shows signs that his body is not working appropriately, it can delay his coming home.  We're keeping our fingers crossed.  So far, so good, little one! 


  1. Yea!! What a blessing and encourgement to see all the improvements - and to read your honest thoughts and feelings. Thank you for your transparency - I'm holding my girls a little tighter today and continuing to lift you up in prayer sweet friend.

  2. What wonderful news! These pictures are just great!

  3. I honestly never thought that seeing a baby being fed would make me cry...but I have been moved to tears this morning after looking at these glorious photos of Bennett drinking milk for the first time. What a wonderful moment! And what a wonderful feeling, I imagine, for Bennett to be wrapped up safely in his momma's arms, being fed, breathing on his own.

    Thank you so much, Breck and Brian, for reminding us how special life is and that it's the little things that really give life its true meaning.

  4. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! HE IS SO HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that first picture. Now I want to hear who you think he looks like! He is absolutely darling! What a wonderfully joyous day! Love and big, big hugs to you guys!

  5. This post brought me to tears. He is so very precious and SO handsome! Seeing him drink that milk just melted my heart. Im praying that he continues to do well and gets to come HOME soon!! Love you guys!

  6. Great news!! It looks like he has a great latch on the bottle, so perhaps he'll be able to nurse directly soon!

  7. yeah Bennett. Such an amazing boy. I am so excited with continue to pray that his body does well with it. Breck you look like a huge weight is starting to lift.

  8. How wonderful to see Bennett fully (such a handsome man!) and to know that his tummy is working better. We love you all! Blair and David

  9. Hallelujah! Fantastic news! God is good. Each baby step is an amazing little miracle.

    I love the top photo - gorgeous! He is a handsome little man. Does he know that he is already famous?! ;)

  10. What a beautiful moment for your family!


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