16 October 2009

Day 15 - Pictures

Baby Bennett is looking better each day.  Tody, we discovered they took his cannula out for good.  He's breathing all on his own and doing well!

Momma brushes his hair.  It's imperative to look good for the other NICU babies.

Getting to love on her boy.

Catching a glimpse of Bennett's eyes open.

Breck studies Bennett's features.  It's the longest time we've ever seen him without tubes on his face...
except the one that still exists in this mouth.

When the Respiratory Therapist stopped by today, he asked us if we wanted to give Bennett his respiratory treatments.  So, Brian is administering Bennett's bronchiodialator treatment.

This takes about 15 minutes and is meant to open his airway passages so he can breathe better.

According to Bennett's respiratory therapists, Bennett doesn't usually like this.  But he was very calm in Brian's arms.

Daddy helps his son get well.

Proof that Bennett, like Oliver, inherited his father's monkey toes.  Seriously, consider these things as weapons!

Several nurses told us Bennett had been very upset minutes before we came to see him.  He had been given morphine not too long before but the nurse said, "that didn't even seem to take the edge off".  Another nurse walked up and said, "boy, that kid has a set of lungs on him!"  However, within a few minutes of our coming into the room and his hearing our voices, he calmed down.  And, it seemed, as soon as we held him, he was fast asleep.  It made us feel good that Bennett could be calmed down by our being near.  That made us feel more like he was ours. :)

Every day there are fewer machines!!

Quiet time with Daddy in the nursery.

The only time we seem to be able to catch Bennett's eyes open is when he's watching his Giraffe.


  1. Love the pictures! And so glad you got to spend some good time with Bennett. Praying that more and more machines keep going away.
    Love you guys.

  2. What sweet pictures! He's looking wonderful!!! I'm so excited for you!!! I'm so glad that you were there to comfort Bennett. Despite all of the people caring for him, he knows who is momma and daddy are!! ;)

    I love the pictures with him and Mr. Giraffe! So cute!

  3. I love seeing him in your arms--and being able to see more of his beautiful face! It's wonderful that you are noticing, too, how you have become physical comfort for him. What precious memories with your son...


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