13 October 2009

Day 13 - Pictures and Update

Our little Rock Star:  One of the best things about visiting Bennett today was we discovered that this morning he had a bath!!  He was becoming a little greasy monkey who hadn't had a bath in weeks.  So we were so excited to see his hair had actually been washed...although, we're not sure if anybody bothered to actually brush his hair. :)

Bennett was sleeping quite soundly this morning.  It's probably because he wore himself out telling the nurses how badly he did not like baths.

The other thing we noticed is Bennett was wearing clothes!!  Breck was ecstatic!  He's a real boy!

Momma loves to hold Bennett's little hand.

Today, Bennett's suction tube (the one in his mouth) was changed from "suction" to "gravity".  Therefore, the tube does not suction anything from his tummy anymore as the surgeons hope that by turning off the suctioning tube, his bowels will begin working better.  Our hope is that means he will get that tube taken out soon as it will soon not be needed!  Also, his cannula (the tube in his nose) was turned down to 1 liters of pressure (the tube simply pushes pressure into Bennett's lungs to keep his lungs open).  Bennett will undergo a chest X-ray soon.  If his lungs are looking good, he will be taken off the cannula as well.

 This morning, Breck asked one of the doctors who had come by to visit Bennett if she should put him back in his isolet so he could be examined.  But the doctor said, "no, he's exactly where he needs to be right now - in his mother's arms."

Our Snuggle Bug.

Tiny feet all tangled in tubes.

Sleeping soundly with no worries at all.


  1. Oh, I LOVE these pictures! His little mohawk is so cute, and I love his clothes!!

    Keep on snuggling that little man, and give him a BIG kiss from the Rhodenhisers :)

  2. Breck,
    Bennett is precious and I love his little faux-hawk! My family and I are keeping you guys in our prayers and my grandmother (Granny Helen) wanted me to let you know "on their internet page" that she was praying for you guys too. Thanks for the updates and much love from Memphis.

  3. What adorable pictures! Love the faux-hawk! Maybe Bennett will be a rock star someday. ;)

    We're excited for all of the progress! Bath, clothes, and fewer steps towards taking him home! Hooray!

  4. Breck and Brian,

    I think my favorite thing posted is the video you have of him staring at his toy. Priceless.:)


  5. YOur little man is looking so good. he looks like he is starting to plump back up. I cried for or with you when you talked about processing and I don't want to. you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers daily.
    love korrin

  6. It just makes me want to cry seeing you getting to hold Bennett. I was so glad to see the picture of the unit with LESS machines. Bennett knows his mommy and daddy! He's been listening to you for 9 months already! I'm so happy you got to hold him without so many tubes, so you could really look at him and not worry so much about them. I love the picture of you looking so closely at him. I'm so glad he took to the bottle well. Praying for you and your family daily. Love, Ann McCaa


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