10 October 2009

Day 10 - Update 9:35pm

Bennett continues to improve!  We are very happy to hear that Bennett has now started passing stool through ileostomy.  This means that the resident surgeons' irrigation of his colon is moving the leftover meconium through his system.  The more meconium that comes out, the better.   Also, this means that Bennett's GI system is working more and more correctly.

As soon as the meconium is out and Bennett's system is looking like it's working as it should, the nurses will begin feeding him.  We're hoping that they will begin feeding by late next week.

Bennett received a PICC line yesterday (in his right arm) and everything looks good today.  The X-ray showed the PICC line was in the correct place so Bennett had the two tubes in his belly button removed.  It's nice to go from two tubes down to one.

Bennett was weighed a few days ago.  When he was born, he weighed 7 lbs 11oz.  Yesterday he weighed, 7lbs, 9 oz.

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  1. Such great news! It's all about baby steps and we are thankful to hear about each little one. We continue to pray for progress!


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