11 October 2009

Day 10 - Pictures

Brian takes Bennett's temperature.  Bennett's vitals have to be taken every 3 hours.  If we are there, the nurses will let us do his temperature and change his diaper.  The nurses try to keep his temperature above 97.5 degrees.  If he's too cold, they will wrap him up more or put his under the warmer.  We joke about Bennett being a little fried chicken baking under the lights.

Another family shot.  We really value these pictures when nurses offer to take them for us.  For a moment, things feel normal.

Bennett sleeps in Daddy's arms.

Daddy loving on Bennett.

We tried to capture what it feels like to hold Bennett these days.  Because he's hooked to so many machines, holding Bennett causes us anxiety.  Our greatest fear is that we would hurt him in our handling him (because his tummy still really hurts) or that we would accidently pull out an important tube, causing him pain or grief.

Most of his cords are swaddled with him and come out towards his feet.

We can never sit too far away because he's hooked to so many machines.  This purple cord is the machine hooked to his cannula (the tube in his nose forcing his lungs to stay open). 

Somtimes this purple tube gets condensation in it.  The other day, we accidently moved the tube and the condensation ran down the tube into Bennett's nose.  It was very scary for us because the nurse said, "oh, oh, he's drowning" as she tried to siphon the fluid out before it went to his lungs.  It was terribly distressing to us as we had no idea that moving that tube could hurt him in any way.  That incident has made us even more nervous about moving Bennett.  We just cannot wait until he no longer has tubes to worry about.

Sleeping soundly.

Our little man's head of hair.

Bennett gets a new toy in his isolet thanks to Mumsy and Pops.  This little giraffe plays music and rotates his head.  We were delighted to watch Bennett look up and stare at the Giraffe's movements.  He really seemed to enjoy the music that the little giraffe played.


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