01 October 2009

Pictures: Day 1

Morning Pictures:
Bennett recovers after surgery.

Daddy kisses Bennett.

Afternoon Pictures:
Bennett under the lights while getting his blood transfusion.

All sprawled out (looks just like how Oliver sleeps)

Bennett's little ear.

A close up.

The little blanket on the right side of the picture was made by our friend Lindsay.  It means alot that the nurses are using it to care for Bennett.

The nurses let us put Bennett's little monkey in his little bed.  It was supposed to be the monkey Oliver gave Bennett when he came home from the hospital.  For now, it's the little monkey given to him from our entire family.

Loving on our little man

Our first family picture with the three of us.


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures! I can see his color looks much better. Did Oliver go to the hospital with you or is Breck's family there watching him?

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated with this blog. We are all praying...

  3. We are praying for you and the little one. If there is anything we can do to help please (meals, etc) let us know. If you need someone to watch Oliver Hannah is more than willing to help. Our numbers are 417-224-0485 (Hannah)and 417-224-4098 (Chris)

    Grace and Peace,


  4. I love that Bennett has his stuffed animal in his bed with him! Our prayers are with you and Bennett.
    Britt and Holly Duke


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