01 October 2009

Pictures: Day 1 Continued

This evening, Breck's mother and sister came to visit us at the Ronald McDonald House. They also came with us to the hospital to see where Bennett is staying.

Mumsy and Brooklyn visit Baby Bennett.  Unfortunately, the NICU will not allow anyone other than the baby's mother and father to visit them.  This is mainly because of the risk of H1N1.  However, Mumsy and Brooklyn were able to see Bennett's icelet and meet Bennett's nurses for the evening.

Getting to watch Bennett being taken care of.

Getting to peak inside the NICU.

Notice the new sign on the wall.  Bennett was given a new sign on his wall.  We have realized that *this* is his nursery for the next few weeks.  So, we were very appreciative when we came to visit Bennett and noticed his new little nursey had been decorated especially for him.

Daddy holds on to Bennett.  Bennett is heavily sedated and under alot of pain medication.

Holding momma's hand for the first time.  This was a tender touch for Breck.

Getting his footprints taken: Bennett was transferred so quickly from Hillcrest Hospital in Waco that the nurses didn't get a chance to get his handprints, footprints or take his picture.  Fortunately, the nurse at Scott and White tried to get the footprints for Breck.  The left foot will be taken once the tape and IVs are off, hopefully in a few days.

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  1. Some great photos. There's nothing like those first moments of hand-holding-finger.

    All strength to you all! You're in our thoughts and prayers!

    Bruce Longenecker (Fiona [Bond], Callum and Torrin).


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