01 October 2009

Day 1 - Morning Update

What a day it has been.  We have not have internet access until now so we apologize that it's been so long before updating you guys on our news.

At 2:30am this morning, we were awaken by the doctors at the NICU at Scott and White in Temple.  They explained that their tests were inconclusive and therefore did warrant Bennett going into surgery immediately.

This is because the worst case senerio - a bowel malrotation and potentially the loss of his bowel - could not be ruled out.  As we asked further, we were warned that if Bennett lost most of his bowel, it would be "incapatible with life."  What horrible news to face.    

We were asked to give consent over the phone and told the baby was being prepped for surgery.  Breck's OBGYN doctor gave Breck permission to be discharged at whatever point she wanted.  Therefore, once we received the call, we quickly aroused ourselves from a few hours of sleep, packed our things and left for the hospital 30 minutes away.

At 3am, we arrived at the hospital just in enough time to see our boy being wheeled to the Operating Room.  He was covered in blankets and in tubes.  Thankfully, the staff gave us a chance to say a quick goodbye and, most importantly of all, a chance to kiss him - something we had not had a chance to do until now.

The hospital staff was gracious enough to allow us to stay in one of their parent rooms during the surgery so we would be near if there were news.  Since Breck had taken an Ambien in the hospital earlier in the evening, she slept well during the surgery.  Brian, on the other hand, woke up every few hours to be updated by the doctors about Bennett's progress.

Within an hour or so of the surgery, we received news that Bennett did not, in fact, have a bowel malrotation.  The news was good - his bowels did have a hole in them (as expected) but they had not been lost.  We were not going to face saying goodbye to Bennett just yet.

At 9am, we were given an opportunity to see Bennett.  The things we noticed most were that his color was much better, his tummy was much less extended and his hair had been washed.  Momma was most proud of her handsome boy.  He is currently hidden behind tubes and stickers and covered with bruises from pokes and prods.  But he's still beautiful to his parents.

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  1. That sounds hopeful! We continue to pray for ALL of the Gamels. Love you guys!! Brian and Laura


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