01 October 2009

Day 1 - Evening Update

This afternoon, we checked into the Ronald McDonald House here in Temple.  How thankful we are for such an operation!  Our bodies have ached for a place to go rest and yet we have not wanted to be far away from Bennett.

We are very appreciative to the NICU Social Worker set us up this evening with a room at the Ronald McDonald house.  Apparently, it is our room "for as long as we need it."  What a blessing when we were facing having to pay for a hotel room for weeks on end!

The Ronald McDonald House offers the very basic thing we need right now - a safe place to go and rest while not being too far from our new little one.  We are literally stunned by the graciousness of those who have given to this organization in advance of our visit.

The Ronald McDonald House has a pantry full of food that we are welcomed to, a fenced parking lot to help us feel safe and access to internet and TV.  Our quiet room has plenty of space and it's own very clean bathroom.

This is a place we can go to take a nap during the day, get good sleep at night and simply get away when we're feeling overwhelmed.  It is truly a home away from home.

We are so thankful for what God is giving to us in the midst of this situation.

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  1. I stayed at a Ronald McDonald House as a kid when Erin was sick. They are such wonderful places to stay! I'm so glad to hear they've given you that opportunity. I hope this gives you the chance to rest up.


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