08 October 2009

Blessed Is Bennett

We have had so much love roll in since Bennett was born.  The outpouring of love is almost too much for words.  How do you ever express how much you appreciate people taking the time to tell you they care?

One treat that showed up in our email box a few days ago was from the church we attended when we lived in North Carolina only months ago.  It's hard to see the sign but if you click the picture, it says, "Blessed Is Bennett."

This is a very special picture for us as it is only a slice of the sweet people at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Durham.  Breck loves the picture most because it's exactly what these friends would look like if we had just walked into the church building ourselves.  They are such kind, kind and thoughtful folks.

Here is what was included with the picture, which was emailed to us:
"Just wanted you guys to know that you are REALLY surrounded by prayer. Peace, Anne."

Our friend Micheal is holding a smaller sign which can be seen in the smaller picture.  It says, "SHV and SGF from RDU".  These are the airport codes.  Breck is from SHV (Shreveport, LA).  Brian is from SGF (Springfield, MO).  Our church is from RDU (Raleigh-Durham, NC).  This is how Michael, in particular, originally got to know us.  For us, it's a reminder of where we've been and the love that we have received from all over the country.    


  1. What an awesome email and photo!! Sorry Andy and I weren't able to be in it, but our prayers and thoughts continue to be with you all.

  2. Brian & Breck,
    Thanks so much for keeping us updated. We have been and will continue to pray for Bennett and your family. Bennett really is blessed to have such wonderful parents!!

    All our love!
    Melissa Worley (& family)

  3. Still praying for your precious family! I'll be so glad for you, when you can take him home. He is looking more filled out. I love the video of him watching the giraffe. Ann McCaa


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