01 October 2009

Bennett's Prognosis

We have spoken with a half dozen doctors since Bennett's birth and learned more about the colon/intestine area than we'd ever want to know.  But we finally feel like we're getting some answers, (esp. thanks to Breck's dad who is helpful in interpreting what is going on).

Here's what we think might be going on:
The worst case scenario at this moment is that Bennett has Cystic Fibrosis , which is a cause for all of his abdemonal issues.  CF is a difficult genetic disorder to have to cope with in addition to a high potential of complications.  We will know whether or not this has been caused by CF within the next week and a half (when the genetic testing comes back).

Another scenario at this moment is that Bennett has Hirshsprungs disease , which would be annoying with which to suffer but not life threatening.

The best case scenario at this moment is that Bennett's colon ruptured for no particular reason and will recover quickly from exploratory surgery (this morning) and later reconstructive surgery (6 weeks to 6 months from now).

What we do know at this point:
* We won't be able to hold Bennett for at least a week due to all of the tubes and machines that are connected to him.

* The doctors say Bennett will not likely leave the hospital for 6 weeks.  His has a colostomy bag so that all of his stool is being emptied into a bag outside of his tummy.

* Bennett will not eat or nurse for several weeks.  At this point, he is being fed nutrients through his IV.  This keeps his tender digestive system from having to work until the doctors feel he is ready.

* Bennett will go back to surgery within the next year but we're not sure when.

Bennett's Prognosis
We don't know definitively what is wrong with little Bennett but we do know that, at this point, his life is not necessarily imminently at risk.

Bennett is very sick and he could take a turn for the worse if he was to get an infection or have complications from his treatments.

However, if everything continues to go well, we believe Bennett will make a full recovery.  Our prayers are that his situation is unique and does not indicate CF or Hirshsprung's disease.

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  1. Thank you so much, guys, for the update. I'm so sorry that you are having to wait; yet, so thankful that he's in good hands. It sounds like you have the best possible set up, with good doctors, a place to rest, and Breck's dad there to bring clarity.

    We are praying. Praying for Bennett's health, for Breck's recovery, for Brian's care over your family, for little Oliver's ability to understand. Praying over the adjustments that you are making, over your grief, over the hard parts of it all. We love you. Wish we could be there in person to embrace you.


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