11 October 2009

Bennett's CF Treatment

Bennett's Cystic Fibrosis treatment began the day after he was diagnosed with CF. These are the first pictures we were able to snap of his getting care from the Respiratory Therapist.

This is what the doctors call Bennett's Bronchodilater Treatment. 

A medicine called Albuterol is forced through the tube and placed near his nose so he can breathe it in his lungs. 

The bronchodilator relaxes muscles in the airways and increases Bennett's air flow to his lungs.

The Respiratory Therapist comes to Bennett's bedside twice a day to do this.

This is a snapshot of Bennett's Chest Physical Therapy.  The Respiratory Therapist uses a percussion to vibrate Bennett's back.  The goal is to loosen the mucus in Bennett's lungs.

The Percussion is like a vibrating toothbrush that vibrates Bennett's back more smoothly than having someone have to cup their hand and pound on his back (something many CF children have to have done to them several times daily).  Bennett doesn't care for the Percussion but it's important for breaking up the mucus in his chest.  He will have to have this done to him for the rest of his life.

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  1. Tell Bennett he's in good company. I had a 2x daily albuterol treatment for asthma when I was a child. Tell him you get to watch a lot of cartoons that way!! :)

    Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!


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