30 September 2009

Pictures: First Pictures of Baby Bennett

Our little man's bed in the NICU

Bennett in the NICU

Bennett, under the Oxygen Hood, which helps him breathe.

Our sweet boy.

Bennett looks a bit blue here.  But, fortunately, he's stable.

A close up of our baby boy.

Daddy and Bennett

Momma and Bennett (Momma has obviously been crying.  It's sad for her not to hold her little boy.)

Daddy and Aunt Brook get to visit Bennett for the first time.

Comparing First Pictures of Oliver and Bennett:
Oliver, November 2, 2007

Bennett, September 30, 2009


  1. he looks so much like oliver! what a precious baby boy. we are praying for him and for his mom, dad & big brother. love you guys.

  2. He does look like Oliver! He's so beautiful, guys. Love you all.

  3. He looks so much like Oliver! What a sweet little guy!! We are praying for you guys. Oh, this just breaks my heart. Love you!

  4. HI Breck-
    Laura has kept me abreast of your family, what a beautiful one it is! My thought and prayers are with you as you wait for your baby boy to come home soon!!


  5. Breck and Brian, all your friends at St.Luke's(Durham) are praying for you all. Bennett is a beautiful boy. He looks exactly as our son, now 23, did at that age, tubes and all. Our hearts go out to you.
    Mary Jane and Bob Moore


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