30 July 2008

The Story of Bennett's Birth According To Mom, Part 4

Surgery ended at 9am.  We were able to go to the NICU and visit with him, take our first picture together and begin to learn more about the journey we would be facing.  We were told it would be weeks before we came home.  I had secretly wondered if maybe they were exaggerating and he might come home sooner.  He would not do so.

It was on day 2 of Bennett's life that we first heard the words, "Cystic Fibrosis."  Meconium Peritonitis is a classic but rare sign of CF.  But Meconium Peritonitis can also happen for no reason.  And Hirshsprungs disease can cause it too.

Cystic Fibrosis was the worst of the three potential reasons for the Meconium Peritonitis.  They took his blood to run a genetic test, which we would have to wait a week to receive.

On October 6, I was driving to get my hair cut - trying to carry on my life as normal until my new baby came home - when I got the call.  Dr. Guo was so very gentle and kept apologizing.  She knew this was bad news.

I had already accepted it...just like I had done so with my fear of his death on the day of his birth.  I was ready to hear the words even as she said them. 

It took months and months to really grieve what this diagnosis fully meant.  But I was ok hearing the test was positive.  At least we knew what was wrong and could now deal with it.

We consider Bennett's diagnosis part of his birth story...because CF is as much a part of his birth as it is a part of his life.  But even as I write this a year later - living it again through my memories - I am struck by how strong our little guy was from the very beginning.

He fought to live.  He fought to survive.  He fought to overcome.

Bennett's birth story is one of strength and hope.
His birthday is a reminder of this.

Bennett is a gift from God, our blessed little one.

{Acts 17:25 ...because God himself gives all men life and breath and everything else.}


  1. I love hearing this story through your words. You are one amazing woman with one amazing family. I can't *believe* Bennett is a year old--wish I could be there to offer a birthday snuggle (especially since he's still feeling under-the-weather). Kiss him for me, and Oliver, too :)

  2. Thanks for sharing, Breck. So thankful for yourl little boy and his story. xo


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