30 July 2008

The Story of Bennett's Birth According To Mom, Part 2

No, Brian wouldn't miss his son's birth.  Once I got ahold of him (his phone had been on silent for the last hour), he jumped in the car and came to the hospital.  I never knew someone could get from Baylor to Hillcrest that fast.  He didn't want to tell me what the speedmeter read.

It took me a bit to get into labor.  I was given pitocin and an epidural.  It all seemed rather similar to my first pregnancy, just not quite as well-planned as before.

The nurse and doctors came in to visit me regularly through the hours of my labor.  It was all fairly normal.  But it was hard to not notice that some things didn't feel quite as laid back. 

At one point, I was asked to turn on my side.  Then, I was given an oxygen mask to make sure the baby was getting enough oxygen.  Later, a monitor was placed on the top of the baby's head (yep, he hadn't been born yet) to make sure they could better evaluate how he was doing.

The doctor seemed concerned but not overly alarmed.  Brian and I just tried to enjoy these moments with each other.

Eventually, it was time to push.  I knew it was time, despite that my nurse told me it wasn't.  A girl knows when she's just about to push out a human. :)

"Push," they said.  The head came out.

"Keep pushing," they said again.  This time, I was having to push out Bennett's body.  Typically the doctor can just pull out the baby once the head is out.  But Bennett's abdomen was bigger than his head.  It wasn't going to come out without a push.

Bennett began to cry but there were no robusts screams from Bennett.  Only a tiny cry like from a baby cat.  A team of people took Bennett to a corner of the room and began to clean him off. 

On the home video we have of Bennett's birth, you can see Brian and I laughing and smiling.  I was exhausted and Brian was on cloud nine.  The video starts only after Bennett is pulled out and stops when you hear the doctor say to Brian,

"I don't think you want to be filming this."

This was our first clue something was not right.  Well, not our first clue...there were many more before this.  But it was our first of many more dark moments when our world began crushing in on us.

"We don't want to be filming what?" I thought.  The doctor explained they were concerned about Bennett and would be wanting to take him to the NICU for evaluation.  I didn't know about his tummy at this point.

I also didn't know, until later after we saw the after-birth video, that immediately after his birth, Bennett was "bagged."  This means a bag-like contraption was used on him to force air in his lungs.  If you saw the video, it'd remind you of a EMT resuscitation.

Before taking Bennett out of the room, they announced his birth time, weight and length - as well as his APGAR score.  1 out of 10.  That's the worst you can get, besides 0.

Fortunately, after 5 minutes, the APGAR score had improved to an 8.

Off he went.  Out of the room in a NICU isolet.

I never held him.

I never really saw him.

He was gone as fast as he arrived.

But surely, we thought, he'll be fine.  Things don't go wrong.  Nothing is wrong...right?

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