Bennett's Current Cystic Fibrosis Medications and Treatments

Gene Types: Delta F508 (∆F508) and 621+1G->T

Meconium Peritonitis (9/30/09, Birth)
Meconium Ileus (9/30/09, Birth)
Pancreatic Insufficiency (9/30/09, Birth)
Cystic Fibrosis (10/6/09, 1 Week Old)
Failure To Thrive (11/12/09)
Rectal Prolapse (2011, 2013)
Sinus Surgery (2015)
Rectal Prolapse Surgery (2016)
Intestinal Stricture Surgery (2017)
Colostomy Reversal (2017)

Last updated: 09/27/2020
Age: 11 Years

Levalbuterol Inhalant (to help open his lung pathways): 2 times a day or as needed (every 4 hours when sick)
Pulmozyme Inhalant: 1X daily at night
Sodium Chloride Inhalant (to rehydrate his lungs): 1X daily in morning
MVW D5000 Vitamins (to help him absorb the vitamins he cannot absorb from food): 1X a day
Pantoprazole (to help him with acid reflux and to help with malabsorption): 1X daily 
Creon Enzymes (to break down his food so he can absorb it): 5-6 capsules per feeding
Peptamen Junior 1.5 Cal Formula (his main source of nutrition): 250ml 3X daily
Chest Physical Therapy (to break up the mucus): 2 times a day via Hill-Rom "The Vest"