29 June 2021

Goodbye Waco, Hello Dallas!

The worldwide pandemic changed the world.  Our world included.  

The kids and I faired really well during a year of COVID. No one got sick and everyone was able to make it through a year of homeschooling while I worked from home (thanks to amazing neighborhood friends and a fantastic babysitter).  But our time staying safe from COVID gave me an opportunity to recognize some unmet needs in our family during those months of isolation.

After careful consideration, in January, I began the process of moving the children and myself to Dallas, Texas - closer to Bennett's CF care, closer to more educational opportunities and closer to more family support.  

I was pregnant with Bennett when we moved to Waco twelve years ago. We had expected the move to be temporary and it became permanent, which I loved. Waco is such a great place to live and raise a family.  I am so very grateful for the many years and many friends we made in Waco. We have so many sweet memories. 

Our move to Dallas is not too far from Waco, only two hours "up the road". We plan to visit as much as we can. The kids will continue to spend time with their dad there.  

This season of change for our family goes beyond just moving. Bennett is currently getting access to Trikafta, the medication that we hope will change his life.  And this Fall, Bennett is moving into his last year of middle school while Oliver begins a final year of junior high.  

While we are feeling very positive about these changes, we know grief is also a real part of change. Loneliness has a way of settling as the newness of moving in fades away.  

What keeps me grounded is knowing that I've felt God's prompting throughout the move.  While I was initially hesitant to consider moving away, every curious step I have taken has been met with open doors and a sense of peace.  

I've thought several times about Isaiah 43:19 where God says: "Behold, I am doing a new thing..."

I don't totally know what new thing God is doing in this season of our lives.  But I do know, whatever God is doing, it is good.

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