27 September 2020

Did you hear that, Pongo!? Avonlea turned 7!

These pictures are about two months late but they are too sweet not to share.  The baby in our family, Avonlea, turned 7 mid-July.  We love birthday party themes so this year's theme was 101 Dalmatians.  

Avonlea's birthday couldn't have come at a better time.  We were 5 months in to the pandemic and we all needed something to look forward to.  I was concerned about keeping our family safe from COVID so we decided to invite our neighbors and have a socially distanced birthday party in our front yard with a pinata. I feel pretty safe from COVID outdoors so it made the party much more enjoyable knowing it was unlikely anyone would get sick.

Avonlea is growing up very quickly. She brings our family such joy.  Avonlea is insightful, playful, thoughtful and compassionate.  She loves singing and playing with dolls.  In order to build up the fun of her upcoming birthday, I suggested we find an dalmatians outfit to go with her birthday theme. I offered to buy her a matching bow just for fun.  She requested two bows.  She explained she had very clear plans for her hair on the day of her birthday party: she wanted to wear it in two ponytails to look like two dog ears.  Her creativity is always delightful.

While we look forward next year when we can invite more friends to celebrate Avonlea's birthday and can have the birthday party inside without the risk of COVID, I was very pleased to be reminded that small celebrations can bring big belly laughs and meaningful moments that will last a lifetime.  Happy 7th Birthday, Avonlea!!

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