15 March 2020

Dear Teachers: Thoughts from an COVID-19 At-Risk Family Just Trying to Survive

I received the first email from one of my children's teachers today regarding school work that will soon be sent home.  The email was a "heads up, it's coming next week" email from Oliver's teacher, which I appreciated.

I replied to the email with thoughts from a mother dealing with a child with special needs during this national emergency.

I wanted to share it on my blog because I hope other teachers will read it.  The point of the email: Educators, be compassionate with your expectations, our children and families are just trying to survive right now.


Dear Teacher,
One thing I wanted to share with you, and all educators, who are currently making lessons plans is right now is: please be mindful that although children are at home, many are under duress in the current situation. Adults' schedules have changed.  Adults' financial situations may have changed. This naturally causes stress among the adults in the home and therefore is stressful to the children.

In our particular case, since Oliver's little brother's underlying respiratory condition cystic fibrosis means COVID-19 could be fatal to him, our family is now fully quarantined (and plan to be for at least 6 weeks).  This means that we are having to ration food and supplies to make sure we can make it as long as possible without having to risk exposing Bennett to COVID-19.  My children spent much of this morning just grieving - grieving over their Spring Break trip which was cancelled, grieving the loss of their normal schedules, grieving the loss of being able to see their friends and teachers at school and grieving loss of not being able go about life as normal.  

Oliver will have no problem with any of the assignments you give him.  I know he will welcome them from his favorite subject!  But I would very much appreciate if you would share this sentiment with other teachers.  Children in distress will struggle to learn and retain new information.  We know this is brain science.  So many of America's children are in distress right now.  

It's also worth noting that, although children may not currently be in school, they are most certainly learning.  These days they are getting a front row seat to learning "supply and demand," learning how viruses work in the body, learning about countries around the world and learning how pandemics affect economies, etc.  There is so much learning happening, even in the absence of worksheets.  

If teachers would be compassionate towards families in crisis and children in crisis when they send work home, it would be so greatly appreciated.

That said, we look forward to hearing from you and to the work you will send.
Thank you,
Breck Gamel

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