13 April 2019

Bluebonnet Pictures 2019

One of the best parts of living in Texas comes every Spring when the bluebonnets and other Texas wildflowers pop up alongside the highway and in random fields.  The beauty lasts for only a few weeks but when you see them, you know Spring has sprung!
It's a societal norm in Waco to drop off your children in a random field, place them among the flowers and to tell them to say "cheese".  So, we did it this year just like we have almost every year since we've been in Waco.  Here are this year's pictures and, if you keep scrolling, you'll see how much these nuggets have grown.

Oliver, age 11

Bennett, age 9 

 Avonlea, age 5

 April 2019 (Bennett, 9; Avonlea, 5; Oliver, 11)

April 2015 (Oliver, 7; Avonlea, 21 months; Bennett, 5)

April 2014 (Oliver, 6; Avonlea, 9 months; Bennett, 4)

April 2013 (Bennett, 3; Oliver, 5)

April 2012 (Bennett, 2; Oliver, 4)

April 2010 (Oliver, 2; Bennett, 7 months)