06 January 2018

This is what crazy is made of - 3:45pm post

(Bennett's face captures his excitement of eating for the first time in two days.
I put his spaghetti in a styrofoam cup, which is weird unless you consider so is the smell of hospital dishes.)

Last night, upon leaving the hospital, Brian and I called our parents to let them know Bennett might need surgery.  Both of our mothers actively discussed plans to possibly come to Waco to help us.

And yet, 24 hours later, we're being told we will be discharged tonight.

As quickly as things went south, things have gone north again.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm happy.  In fact, I'm thrilled.  But this is what crazy is made of.

Normal life...serious condition...hospitalization...possibly more a serious condition...then back normal life.

As quickly as we can accommodate to one thing, we end up having to accommodate to another.  Sweet Oliver cried over dinner tonight because we'd not be staying the night after all.  It was just last night that he was begging not to have to leave our house and to go the hospital in Dallas.  These schizophrenic changes have an affect on each of us.

Nonetheless, being discharged tonight is excellent news.  This afternoon, Bennett's IV blew (aka started swelling his hand) so they took it out.  He begged that we not put it back in.  They said they wouldn't replace it as long as his bowel clean out was done.  About that time, Bennett's colon showed signs it was fully cleaned out.

The docs asked for one more X-ray to confirm.  If it looked good, they told him, he could eat.  So, Bennett has started eating.  If he can tolerate his food, which everyone expects he can, we'll pack up and go back home tonight.

We're really glad this is over.  But, part of me is asking, "Am I crazy? Did it really just happen!?"

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