13 February 2017

Day 5 - Bennett is feeling better!

Today was a really really good day!  Bennett had made a 180 turn mid-day today from where he was mid-day yesterday.  This picture captures some of the joy we saw on Bennett's face today.  In fact, I love this picture because it shows his pent up laughter.  Bennett would get so tickled that he would have to hold his breath and wince (of course with a giant smile) to keep himself from moving too much and hurting his abdomen in the process.  At one point, he had the entire room laughing just because he was trying not to laugh.  It was really healing for us all.  

We took Bennett for a walk around the floor today. The doctor has asked that he move at least 4-5 times per day.  Bennett cried and moaned the entire time he walked.  But we kept encouraging him and the nurses all clapped for him as he made the lap back to his room.  However, once he got comfortable in his bed, he began to feel even better than he did before he walked.  I think this was the confidence he needed to know he would be ok.  In fact, he even said, "I think I can sit up" and did so so we could take a picture of it!

Bennett's urine output continues to look better.  There is still blood in his urine but much much less than before and we expect it will only get better.  Bennett is on antibiotics to prevent any infections.  We are hopeful he can get his catheter out tomorrow.  Bennett was able to start taking some deep breaths for the first time today.  He even felt good enough to blow bubbles.  

Bennett's GI system is waking up more and more.  We started seeing output from his colostomy and he began to show signs he is hungry.  We hope he can eat tomorrow.

Oliver and Avonlea spent another day with us at the hospital.  They both found parts of the experience to be boring.  But, Child Life gave us some toys and stickers to play with.  This evening, before Oliver and Avonlea went home for the night to my sister's home not too far from the hospital, we took a family walk throughout the hospital.  Bennett's mere sitting up was good for his body's healing. Children's Medical Center has some lovely downtown Dallas views from its hospital.  And, let's be honest, even getting on an elevator can be fun when you've waited days for your loved one to begin feeling better.  In her usual little mama fashion, Avonlea insisted on walking right beside Bennett, holding on to his chair the entire time.

Brian and I are doing well, considering.  Personally, it has been very helpful to have the kids visiting with us, in addition to the company and help of my parents.  Specifically, the children bring an element of playfulness and honesty to our situation.  It's hard to stay stressed when your 3 year old cheerfully buries her face into your belly pulling your shirt over her head, saying, "Let's pretend I'm a baby in your tummy and I'm being born!"  And honesty about the reality of the situation is easier to appreciate your 9 year old son, on the verge of tears while standing in the cafeteria line in the basement of the hospital, spends 10 minutes giving you "all the reasons" he's upset about what he can't do right now, venting his frustrations and disappointments.  My own big cries will come later when I have a chance to really grieve the loss this surgery brings to our family.  But for now, I am working to be present in the moment, experiencing whatever emotion that moment might hold.

I expect tomorrow will be a big day.  I'm hoping it's the one day we need to show the doctors we're ready to go home. So. Ready. To. Go. Home.  


  1. Such fantastic news! Bennett's smile is so wonderful to see. I hope tomorrow brings continued progress and that the magical discharge to home happens SOON!

  2. So happy he's improving day by day. Still praying for complete healing quickly.


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