06 November 2016

Halloween 2016

All year long our family enjoys talking about our family theme for the kids' Halloween costumes.  This year, we decided on the theme of "insects."  But somewhere along the way, Bennett decided he wanted to be a "Venus Fly Trap".  So, since everyone wasn't an insight, we're just gonna call this year's theme: "Plants and Insects That Attack."

Avonlea, 3 years old, insisted she was a "Bumble Bee" this year.  But, let's be honest, this little one is well known as the "Queen Bee" in our family.  Although I greatly enjoy making the kids costumes each year, I found this costume at Marshall's and called it a day!

Bennett, 7 years old, dressed up as a "Venus Fly Trap."  Most of his costume was made from fleece and a hot glue gun.  The teeth were made of soft foam.  The Venus Fly Trap mouth kept its shape by way of two wire hangers.  Bennett's Venus Fly Trap hands included an old pair of mittens inside.

We were even able to find a giant fly at Michael's to go with this year's "Venus Fly Trap" costume.

Oliver dressed up as a "Scorpion" this year.   Being almost 9 years old, he wanted to stay in character this year so I didn't get a good picture of his sweet smile.  His costume might have been the most fun to create because I enlisted the sewing talents of my friend Margaret (who made Oliver's tornado costume here).  Costume making is so much fun when a creative friend is involved!

Oliver's costume consisted of black sweatpants and a back hoodie.  Margaret and I used iron strips to place strips of shiny brown material to the back of Oliver's hoodie for his scorpion sternites.  We cut out a long piece of material and filled it with poly-fil to create his tail.  We then added a "stinger" to the top of the tail and safety-pinned it to Oliver's back so it held its shape.  Oliver's extra "scorpion legs" were made from cut foam tubes wrapped in black material sealed up with a glue gun.  Oliver's clincher hands were a piece of black foam glued to a pair of black gloves.  One thing I learned between making Bennett's costume gloves and Oliver's gloves was that if you aren't careful, you can actually make holding their Halloween inaccessible (see Bennett's costume's hands).  So, I liked how easy it was to make usable clincher hands.  And, since sweet Bennett's hands were easily moveable, I just volunteered to hold his pumpkin pail all night. :)

I'm not sure how much longer these sweet children will joyfully entertain my love for making their annual halloween costumes but I'm grateful they still welcome my participation in making them.

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May your Trick or Treat bag overflow with candy,


  1. I love this so much! Do you have any picture of the costumes in progress? I'm trying to figure out how to construct them!

    1. Unfortunately I don't. My friend and I made them mostly from tutorials we found online. It's been so long I don't even know which ones, at this point. The bee costume was purchased. The scorpion was sewn. And the Venus Fly Trap was mostly hot glued. ;)


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