10 May 2016

Abnormal Tests Lead to More Tests

Last Tuesday, Bennett underwent several tests to investigate whether or not he is dealing with something more than cystic fibrosis when it comes to his gastrointestinal health.  

After having a series of interactions with a variety of people since his surgery in February, I have become more and more concerned that Bennett might be suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Thankfully, Bennett's GI doctor took my concerns seriously and agreed further testing would be valuable.  

The first test that Bennett underwent is called a Small Bowel Follow Through (SBFT). During the SBFT, Bennett was given barium in his g-tube and then given a series of x-rays throughout the day (about every 30 minutes/1 hour) until the barium made it's way from the stomach all the way to the rectum.  

The goal of the SBFT was to figure out how long it takes food to go through Bennett's body and to catch any irregularities in his bowel.  

Bennett's results from the SBFT showed food is actually going through Bennett's body too rapidly, making him need to go to the bathroom more often than he should need to go.  In addition, the SBFT showered there are irregularities in Bennett's bowel that need to be further investigated.

In fact, the Radiologist commented on Bennett's Small Bowel Follow Through test: "The transverse colon and sigmoid colon segments appear abnormal as discussed above...areas of involvement due to inflammatory bowel disease cannot be excluded." 

The second test Bennett underwent is called a Fecal Calprotectin test.  This test was to investigate whether or not Bennett is dealing with used to detect inflammation in the intestines.

Unfortunately, we learned last Tuesday this test also came back as "abnormal."  
So what's our plan?

Since we cannot rule out that Bennett is dealing with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Bennett's GI doctor has ordered an endoscopy and colonoscopy.  Therefore, Bennett will be admitted for this outpatient procedure next Wednesday, May 18th.

During his scope, Bennett's GI doctor will take a biopsy from his bowel in order to better identify whether or not Bennett is dealing with IBD/Crohn's Disease.

We are surprised by the results of the tests and are certainly nervous about the upcoming scope as we hope the results show Bennett is not dealing with IBD (people with CF are 17X more likely to deal with Crohn's Disease than the general public).

Hopefully, the biopsy will back clear and we can investigate other possible causes of his gastrointestinal inflammation.

But, if he is, we will deal with it just as we have everything else - one breath at a time.

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