12 January 2016

Surgery Scheduled

Yesterday, we saw the surgeon to evaluate Bennett's recent on going issues with rectal prolapse.

We hadn't seen the surgeon in almost a year.  Her first reaction to seeing us was her noticing how much Bennett had grown.  I let Bennett tell the Pediatric Surgeon what was going on.  My hope is that the more control Bennett has in these situations and in making these decisions, the more control he will feel over his disease.

Bennett softly looked up the Surgeon and said with his sweet lisp, "my pro-pro prolapse is coming out again."
She listened to him explain his experience and then asked, "every day?"
"Yes," Bennett and I both confirmed.

The Pediatric Surgeon explained she was disappointed to hear it had come back so quickly.  But she wasn't surprised.  She had warned up during the last surgery and the one before that that this was going to happen at some point.  We all had just hoped we would have a bit longer to enjoy the freedom from this issue.

Rectal prolapse can be a real challenge.  The bowel continues to grow until about the teenage years. So, there aren't a lot of options for a permanent fix for this issue until the bowel stops growing.  Bennett's sphincter muscle may also be loose, which may prevent the bowel from staying inside like it should.  But, at this point, we aren't sure why the issue is being stubborn.

While this is a complication of CF, it's not a typical CF issue.  Most people with CF don't deal with this.  Even, of people who do deal with rectal prolapse, many don't deal with it being such a constantly reoccurring problem.

We have a fantastic Pediatric Surgeon.  I have the highest confidence in her.  She asked for some time to research the issue more and see what other options might be available to us.  But, it was clear by the time we left the exam room, surgery, in some form, is the only way to give Bennett relief.

Bennett's surgery is scheduled for Thursday, January 21st.

We have been warned that if they do end up resecting the bowel, Bennett will have a 3-5 day hospitalization.  We won't know for sure until the Surgeon decides what she will do.

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