23 January 2016

Our night and early morning

Shortly after I blogged last night, I heard Bennett pipe up in a sweet little voice I hadn't heard all day: "Mom, guess what?  I think I feel pretty good."

This was the first time it since the surgery that Bennett seemed to be genuinely feeling better.  I even took a picture to document.  Bennett didn't want to give a thumbs up but he said he'd give a sideways thumb instead.

Shortly afterwards, he pushed his morphine pump and fell back asleep.

About 30 minutes later, as I was trying to fall asleep for the night, I watched him shoot straight up in bed.  Bennett won't even let me move his bed up an inch due to abdominal pain so I was shocked to see him sit straight up with no support.

It turns out he was having a nightmare.  But, even still, it was evidenced his range of motion in his abdomen has increased.

I slept for only a few hours before I was awoken by Bennett's cries at 3am.  The nurse was here for her 3am blood draw.  Bennett had just had to undergo multiple pricks for a blood draw in the early evening so I was frustrated they need to draw blood again.  But we didn't have any choice.

Bennett was distraught.  I asked for MLA cream, which helps numb the skin at the blood drawing site.  But still he couldn't be calmed down.  Eventually, he pushed his morphine pump, which did provide him a little relief and brought with it some drowsiness.

I curled up on the bed with him and began putting my hands through his hair.  I figured that the body can't process too much touching at once.  Maybe, I thought, if I caress his hair and across his forehead, he won't be able to feel the blood draw quite so well.  I began singing nursery rhyme songs to him.  It took all of my strength not to get choked up while comforting him and singing nursery songs.  This wasn't the place I wanted to be singing to him.

I hate the sight of blood and veins so I had to carefully pay attention to Bennett while also overcoming my dislike for blood to make sure the nurses were moving along as fast as they could. The nurses couldn't seem to get a vein so I suggested they use a light to guide them.  Fortunately, they agreed that might be helpful so grabbed a powerful light to place under his hand to see if that would help.  That helped and they were able to get the blood and Bennett didn't even open his eyes.

When we are done, I said, "good job team."  The nurse said, "it was your singing that did it."  Then, Bennett opened his eyes to my surprise (I thought he had fallen asleep) and began to tell me how much I had helped him.  Whew.  Mom for the win.

Bennett finally did fall asleep, only to be woken up 30 minutes later for a 4am abdominal X-ray.

Thankfully, after that we were left alone until 7:30am when the Pediatric Surgical team came by to check on Bennett and give me an update.

Yesterday, Bennett's stomach was super distended due to gas (see left picture).  We used Bennett's g-tube to vent his stomach all night so things have improved some since then (see right picture).

Bennett is allowed to drink today.

After this morning's pediatric surgery update, I joke with the team by thanking them for coming by at 7:30am this morning, instead of their typical 5:30am.  The male resident laughed and said, "well, it is the weekend."


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