26 January 2016

Monday Night Update

I am listening the sounds of Bennett breathing deeply next to me under the glow of colored Christmas lights. Bennett has been asleep for two hours now, despite multiple visits and vital-taking from doctors and nurses who have come in an out.  

As soon as the sun went down, so did he.  Bennett was given back his narcotic drip this evening to soothe the residual pain in his abdomen the other medicines just could not pacify today.  I was really appreciative his pediatric surgeon was so sensitive to his pain management and replaced the drip as soon as she realized how uncomfortable he was.  

Tonight I learned that if we can lessen the need for the pain med pump within the next 36 hours, we may be able to go home on Wednesday.  Of course, outside of controlling the pain, we still have to get Bennett's nutrition going again.  He has not been interested in eating so we decided to begin his gastric tube feeds again in order to move him forward in this area. Hopefully he will handle these feeds well.  Bennett's lungs are looking good.  We are trying to help him get back in to his cystic fibrosis lung care regimen but it might be a while before that happens.  He is off of supplemental oxygen and beginning to take deeper breaths, which are great signs.

One thing that might delay us is a possible infection of one of his incisions.  If it turns out to be infected, we will have to sedate him to allow the doctor to go in and clean out the infected site.  But, the Pediatric Surgeon isn't sure whether or not it's infected.  Blood work and further observation is necessary to determine this.

I am so thankful Bennett is sleeping.  I am hopeful I can sleep soon.  But the fear of someone walking in the room and walking my sleeping baby keeps me awake.  Once I am home, I will crash.  For now, I sleep as my body, my son and the nurses let me.  

One way or the other we will be home soon,

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