23 January 2016

Making a hospital a home

One thing I learned when we were admitted to the Baylor Feeding Clinic with Bennett for four weeks straight when Bennett was 18 months old was the power of decorating a hospital room.

My mom is particularly talented at making any space warm and enjoyable.  So, this blog post is a salute to how she has taught me how to make lemonade out of lemons.  From sterile to striking, here's our step-by-step instructions for making a hospital room a home:

1.) Throw up some inexpensive Target birthday party garland up on the wall.

2.)  Dress up the windows with static clings.

3.)  Cover a wall with pictures drawn by 19ish of your closest Kindergarten friends (and, if possible, a giant card signed by your brother's classmates as well).

4.) Use colorful balloons as corner decorations so everyone can enjoy.

5.) Add a banner and lantern above the doorway.

6.) Light up a battery-powered candle to add some flickering ambiance at nightfall.

7.) Cover the nearest IV pole with Christmas lights to double as a night light.

8.) Throw in a cheap bathmat on the cold hospital bathroom floor.

There you have it!  Eight ways to make a sterile isolation room a home. :)

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  1. You are your mother's daughter in many ways....decorating, courage, faith and humor.


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