26 October 2015

Raising money for a cure for CF in memory of Sonny

This past August, my good friend Casey (below in red), along with his sister Laci (in pink shoes), held the 15th Annual Sonny Rose Memorial Softball Tournament in Jonesboro, Louisiana.  This year's fundraiser benefitted the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of Bennett.

Casey and I went to high school together.  He's a great guy and a strong supporter in Bennett's fight to win out against CF.  Casey and his sister know what it's like to lose a sibling so they don't want Avonlea and Oliver to ever have to experience that feeling.  Casey and Laci lost their big brother, Sonny, to a car accident about 15 years ago.  

Here is a sweet childhood picture of Casey (in red), Sonny (in blue) and Laci (in pink).  

Recently, I asked Casey to help me remember who Sonny was as a person.  Here's what he shared with me:

"Sonny was a great brother, a loyal friend and a fun guy to have around.  He was an entertainer and the life of every party.  He loved sports, especially baseball.  Sonny had a big heart and loved kids. He would be honored knowing that we are raising money, in his name, to help find a cure for Bennett."

Sonny, left, and Casey, right

Our family was bummed not to be able to travel to Louisiana for the tournament since school had just started for the boys.  But we're hoping to be there next year.  

This year's fundraiser raised $2400 for Bennett's Brigade.  First place went to "Beauties and Beasts". Second place went to "Dirty Dozen." Third place went to team "Old School".

Thank you to Casey, Lacey, Casey's family and everyone who participated in this year's softball tournament.  My heart is incredibly grateful for the gift of love that was been given in the name of Sonny to Bennett and all those suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. 

Deeply thankful, 

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