14 August 2015

First Day of School 2015

Today is the day!  School is back in session for our family!

First Year in 2nd Grade

This year, Bennett and Avonlea are continuing at their school but Oliver has moved to a school that focuses on the Montessori method of education (hence the missing uniform).   We think he will do better in a slower-paced, more flexible classroom that allows for more self-directed learning. Oliver is sad to leave his school and friends but is looking forward to a new way of learning. Apparently, they are going to be studying about galaxies this year so, naturally, Oliver is stoked!

First Day in Kindergarten

It was a little hard for Bennett to have to go to his school without Oliver this year but it helped that most of his best friends from last year are back this year.  It's hard to believe our baby Bennett is in kindergarten.  He has his first loose tooth and is on the cusp of reading.  I feel like in some many ways life with Bennett was very slow those first few years when we had so many speedbumps to get through but now life with Bennett is going  at a super fast speed.  

First Day in the 2 Year Old Class

This one got me.  I cried when I dropped her off at school today.  She was so excited about school.  She requested to walk herself in while holding her own lunch box (which she referred to as he "backpack").  It was so very sweet.  She was upset when I left her, which made it hard.  But her teacher has sent me pictures throughout the morning, which has been great. I know she will enjoy playing and learning new things at school a few days a week.

Here's to a great school year,

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