28 July 2015

Surgery Pre-Op Complete; Surgery Tomorrow!

Yesterday, I took Bennett back for another Pre-Op appointment. (Our first pre-op appointment had been just over 30 days ago so it didn't qualify for this surgery.)  It's hard to have to redo work that had already been done in order to do work that was supposed to have been done.  But I am thankful for a pediatrician who has a very tender heart and was willing to do whatever she could to get us what we needed as easily as possible.

Bennett checked out well so we are cleared for sinus surgery at Scott and White McLane's Children's Hospital tomorrow morning.  Surgery is planned to begin at 11:30am.  It should take no longer than 3 hours.  As expected last time, Bennett will be admitted overnight for observation to make sure he has no trouble breathing.

It's been a very long two weeks for Bennett.  He's been on daily pain meds to cope with the pain.  At yesterday's pre-op appointment, Bennett complained about his head was hurting.  "Where does it hurt?" I asked.  This is what he showed me:

Poor little guy.  I really hope he feels better immediately after surgery!  

Bennett's CF doctor ended up calling in some antibiotics and steroids for him about a week ago to help him cope with the pain and prevent any potential infection while we waited for approval for surgery.  This did seem to help some.

Despite his somber face in these pictures, Bennett is very pleased to get his surgery.  Brian and I are looking forward him feeling good again.  I also feel a sense of worry.  We thought everything was good to go last time and we were blindsided. I think things will go without any problems this time.  But a part of me worries: what do I not know yet?

Life with CF is always a little bit of "what do I not know yet."

I wanted to share just how meaningful the amount of love, support and encouragement that we have received over the last two weeks has been for our family.  Thank you for each "how are you feeling" and "I heard what happened."  It means a lot to know we're not alone in fighting for Bennett.

I will provide updates on Bennett's surgery tomorrow!  We can do this!!

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