21 July 2015


This is the picture we took before Bennett went in to sinus surgery on 7/9.  I never posted it because we ended up having to go home with no surgery when insurance denied the surgery and the hospital explained during pre-op prep they hadn't called us to tell us we had no insurance coverage.  Today, we have reason to smile again!! 


Baylor University/Academic Health Plans sent an email to Brian and me this morning stating that they have worked with insurance to APPROVE Bennett for surgery!!!!  We are SO grateful!!

So much hard work has been done behind the scenes on our behalf over the last week to get this done!  Judith from Academic Health Plans is someone I have never met but who is credited as being the one who made this happen.  Words I have heard used by others to describe her include "tenacious, like a dog with a bone."  "If anybody can do this, Judith can," I heard along this journey.  Apparently, it's true!  Thank you Judith of Academic Health Plans!!

Also, I want to thank Betty at Baylor's Student Health Insurance office (who regularly fielded my calls and been so empathetic to our situation) and my appreciation goes to Martha Lou from Baylor who, in her Southern accent said to me when things weren't looking quite as bright on Friday: "Our prayers are for Bennett and for hearts to be softened and for your mama heart to be reassured."  That meant alot.  It's been evident in my interactions throughout this process and more that Baylor cares about it's students and it's community.  

Another person who deserves lots of hugs is our dear friend Courtney who, even as we were still in the surgical bay on July 9th learning of insurance's denial and the hospital's failure to tell us this in advance, was sending an email with a link to our blog to the graduate school on our behalf asking for help from the school.  Her advocacy along the way has been SO appreciated!!  She was knocking on doors at Baylor even before I knew there was a door there to knock on!

So, where do we go from here??

As soon as I received word this morning from Baylor that insurance had approved coverage for the surgery, I called Bennett's ENT office asking to place him on the OR schedule.  I have been in almost daily contact with the clinic staff along the way asking them to hold our place in case something could be done at the last minute.  I now know many of the staff by first name and they most certainly know me. :)

Looks like that if the hospital can confirm insurance coverage and if the doctor agrees to do the surgery, we should be able to get Bennett surgery next Wednesday, July 29th!

Bennett's new pre-op appointment is schedule for Monday.  We have to go through another pre-op appointment since insurance policies dictate that Pre-Op appointments must be done within 30 days of surgery and it will have been too long since our last one.  At this point, we are preparing for surgery and a hospital stay on Wednesday/Thursday of next week.

My experience with these kinds of things tells me this isn't over until it's over.  So, I won't be surprised if we find there is another hurdle to jump before we get to the finish line.  But, for now, it looks like things are lining up nicely.

We are SO thankful for today's approval!!  And we are immensely grateful for the community of people who have helped us overcome the barriers to keeping Bennett well.



  1. Wow! That is wonderful. I'm glad Baylor was so helpful throughout this process. Way to be an advocate for your sweet little boy. You are an inspiration, Breck. Hugs and love to you and your family! Will be praying for you guys as you prepare for the pre-op and surgery.

  2. Way to get things done, mama! I hope you don't have any more hurdles and he finally gets to have his surgery.


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