29 June 2015

Baby Bow Tie + Kendra Scott Fundraiser in Dallas

Last month, for the second year in a rowBaby Bow Tie's Kat Armstrong (left), a champion for Bennett and all those with CF, organized at Baby Bow Tie + Kendra Scott Gives Back Fundraiser to raise money to help us find a cure for CF.

Additionally, this year,
Michelle Staubach Grimes (right), author of the children's book, "Where Is Pidge?" held a book signing during the fundraiser.   Thanks so Taylor Alexandra (not pictured) who donated her time to capture beautiful photos of the event. 

This photo captures the first moment as we walked in.  Bennett went right to Kat to say hello.  These two have a special connection.  Bennett knows she is someone who wants very much to find him a cure and had thrown this big party just for him!  Kat knows this is a little boy who needs a miracle. (Photo credit:

A Baby Bow Tie headband for little girls.  (Photo credit:

This year's fundraising event was held at the Kendra Scott store in West Village in Dallas, Texas. (Photo credit:

This fundraiser lasted from 5-8pm.  Twenty percent of all store sales during that time went to the CF Foundation(Photo credit:

Although many of the shoppers that night were friends and acquaintances of ours, many others were just random shoppers that had stopped by to pick up a thing or two.  I loved how they were helping us get a cure for Bennett, even if they didn't know it. (Photo credit:

Here are the Kendra Scott girls that helped make this year's fundraiser successful! (Photo credit:

What perfect patriotic pieces - this sweet little bow tie (I love how Baby Bow Ties have magnets so it's easy to put them and keep them on) - and cobalt blue Kendra Scott studs(Photo credit:

I love the simplicity of Kendra Scott jewelry.  It looks great casual or dressy. (Photo credit:

Bennett tells Mrs. Kat about something interesting. I'm not sure what but they both look in to it. :) Kat has an adorable toddler named Caleb so she has a tender heart towards little boys.  Caleb is why Kat created Baby Bow Tie.  (Photo credit:

The event ended up raising more than $1200 for the CF Foundation in honor of Bennett!!

Despite the fundraiser being more than 2.5 hours away from our home, we had quite a few friends who came out to help support Bennett.  One of those was the mama of one of Bennett's best friends, Parker.  We enjoyed getting to see Dana, who recently moved to Dallas, and her friend at the event.

It was a special treat to have a chance to meet Michelle Staubach Grimes, daughter of football legend Roger Staubach and author of the children's book "Where Is Pidge?"  Michelle's best friend passed away from Cystic Fibrosis so she is a big supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

This was the first time Oliver had ever been to a book signing.  So, he really loved getting to have a book signed to him and learning how Michelle wrote the book.

Avonlea, wearing one of Baby Bow Tie's newest girl hair bows, loved sitting down with the "Where is Pidge?" book.  She has always loved reading and looking at books so it's no surprise that when she saw there were books there, she had to immediately sit down and read one. (Photo credit:

This is Meredith, manager of the West Village Kendra Scott store, and someone who I adore.  She was at our fundraiser last year and this year and asked to take this picture with us.  But the truth is the honor is ours.  She has been so helpful for us raising money for the CF Foundation and wants to see our little guy get his cure!

Brian and I really enjoyed getting to see Brian's high school friends from Missouri who now live in Dallas.  Thanks for coming, BJ and Kat!

The Baby Bow Tie + Kendra Scott even was held on Red Nose Day so our dear friend Megan was so thoughtful of the boys to make sure to bring them a surprise treat.  All three of our children have had a "ball" with these big red noses. 

Bennett wanted to give a message to Mrs. Kat: "Thank you for helping me get a cure for my Cystic Fibrosis.  I love you."  Brian and I echo his message and have one of our own to all who came out that night to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: "Your coming out and supporting Bennett's fight against CF made our hearts swell with gratitude.  Thank you!!"  (Photo credit:

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