26 June 2015

Another Surgery Scheduled. This is number 6 for Bennett.

For the last few months, Bennett has been complaining of headaches.

His complaints were never very consistent.  Sometimes it was the left side of his head.  Other times, it was his right side.  Sometimes it hurt when he was running.  Sometimes it hurt when he was sleeping.  I figured it was just 5 year old stuff - making things up when it is convenient.

But, after 2 months straight of complaining every few days, I decided to have him checked out.

The first thing I considered was having him looked at by his ENT.  Sinus issues are frequent among those with CF.  I was delighted when the ENT told me what I had expected.  His nasal cavity looked clear of nasal polyps (a common issue in CF due to inflammation from mucus build-up in the nose).  I was delighted to know we were in the clear.

But then, the ENT suggested that we do a CT scan on him to make sure there was nothing hidden inside causing him issues.

Bennett hasn't been sick for a long time.  He made it through the cold season with almost no issues at all.  He has yet to culture any serious lung infection and has never developed a cough.  So, when our ENT suggested this, I couldn't imagine why a CT scan would really be that necessary.

Nonetheless, we went ahead and had one done.

Turns out: Bennett's sinuses are completely blocked. No wonder our little guy is having headaches. The only way to resolve it is sinus surgery.

Bennett's CT Scan - June 2015
I was shocked when I saw the CT scan.  See those two cavaties under Bennett's eyes?  They are supposed to be black (black indicates air).  Instead, they are almost completely filled.

Image found here:
Bennett's maxillary sinus, sphenoid and ethmoid sinuses are almost completely blocked by mucus. (Thankfully, his frontal sinuses are not blocked because they don't typically develop until the teenage years - one less sinus blockage to worry about).

Unfortunately, sinus surgery is par for the course with Cystic Fibrosis.  We knew it was only a matter of time before Bennett would join his fellow CF patients and need sinus surgery.  But, it's pretty wild to think his sinuses have completely blocked with dry thick mucus, all while he has been otherwise asymptomatic.

These are those moments when I feel shocked that CF is seriously causing havoc inside Bennett's body.  He looks so healthy.  He acts so healthy.  How could he possibly be sick?

Although I have resolve now, I did have a good cry shortly after learning he needed surgery again.  Sometimes it's easy to just see things like this as "just part of our life - another surgery, another day".  But, at other times, I stand back and ask, "what in the world!? are we seriously dealing with a nasty progressive disease we cannot stop?"  It's a crazy feeling to be in this place, putting my fairly healthy child back in to surgery again.

Surgery has been planned for July 9th.  It is planned that Bennett will be admitted for a one night stay at Scott and White in Temple (where he had his last surgery).

We have several weeks to prepare and have begun speaking to Bennett about it.  His last surgery went so well that we are all very confident this one will go off without a hitch.

But it is still disappointing that our little man will have to endure his 6th surgery before his 6th birthday.

...and just to think, the lung issues haven't even begun yet. :::sigh:::

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  1. So sorry he's due in again. Wishing you strength and him a quick recovery when it's done.


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