15 January 2015

Surgery went well! Surgeon is happy!

We just spoke with Dr. Kress and Dr. Perger.  Everything went as good as could be expected!

Bennett's bronchoscopy and intubation went very smoothly.

Dr. Perger said that once she got in to Bennett's abdomen, she could tell that the bowel she had resected (cut out) a few years ago had already grown back - grown back so much so that it's as if she had never done his first surgery.  So, it makes sense why Bennett has continued to have rectal prolapse.

So, the procedure Dr. Perger used today will hopefully work for a while.  She put 4 sutures in and has suspended the bowel to the tissue near the sacrum bone.  This means that his bowel will hopefully not be so loose and no longer protrude when he goes to the bathroom.

I'll be honest, though.  In my heart, I know we will end up having to do this again in the future.  His bowel will continue to grow and this is likely to continue to be a problem.

But, the good thing is the procedure is minimally evasive so it should be something Dr. Perger can do in the future as needed.

I really really hate Bennett has to go through this.  But I am SO thankful for ways to repair it.  And, honestly, I'm thankful for a reprieve from rectal prolapse, even if it's for just another year or two.

Bennett is in recovery and sleeping right now.  We will see him as soon as he begins to wake up, hopefully soon.

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