01 November 2014

Halloween 2014

The force was strong with our family this year for Halloween as we chose to go with the Star Wars theme.

Oliver dressed as "Obi-Wan Kenobi".  Bennett dressed up as "Jar Jar Binks."  And Avonlea was "Princess Avon-Leia."

I always love putting together the kids' costumes each year.  For Oliver's outfit, we used an old karate outfit dyed with Taupe Rit Fabric Dye.  My friend Kristin sewed elastic around the bottom of the karate pants to make them work well with his boots.  My friend Margaret sewed Oliver's cloak using a Jedi Robe pattern I found on Etsy. To complete the outfit, Oliver carried his toy light saber and wore a pair of brown riding boots (I had to find them in the girls section at Payless, but don't tell Oliver).

Bennett went as Jar Jar Binks.  This was initially a difficult costume to put together until I found someone on Etsy who crochets Jar Jar Binks-inspired hats.  Bennett wore his Jar Jar hat with a pair of brown jogging pants, a brown sleeveless shirt (over a cream long sleeve shirt to keep warm) and a homemade pleather vest (again, sewed together by my friend Kristin).  We added a piece of brown material to tie around Bennett's waist.  Bennett introduced himself to everyone as, "Mesa Jar Jar Binks!"  

Avonlea's Princess Leia costume was my favorite.  She wore an adult medium white turtleneck from Goodwill and I cut the sleeves to fit.  My friend Kristin sewed three gray shapes onto the white fleece belt and added a piece of elastic on the back so it would hold.  Avonlea wouldn't wear the yarn buns I made for her, so I pulled up her hair into little pigtails to give the Princess Leia look.

Brian, ever a little boy at heart, wanted to dress up as Darth Vader to go along with the kids' costumes.  Brian's costume was lovingly ordered three nights before Halloween using Amazon Prime. It was basically a cheap piece of foam with a big black cape.  He loved it.  To complete the costume, he wore the kid's Darth Vader mask, all night.

The only way I can get Avonlea, 15 months, to sit down for pictures these days is to bring out her favorite little rocking chair.  She loves to sing and rock!

 "Jar Jar and Obi are coming with me.  Don't worry, I am their father."

Avonlea did a really great job on her first time trick-or-treating.  She loved carrying around the little pail we gave her to use...except when someone tried to actually put candy in it.  She thought they were wanting to take it away and she would yank it back and make it known she was not interested in giving up her pail!

I was afraid that Avonlea would be frightened by Brian's mask but she wasn't phased.  I think she's very used to the kids wearing masks all day at home.  

Avonlea made it about an hour before it was time for her to sleep.  But the boys walked the neighborhood for quite a while, gathering up lots of candy and seeing neighbors.  It was fun.  We have enough candy to fill our lunchboxes until Christmas!  Happy Halloween!!

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