30 October 2014

It's the Great Pumpkin Picture, Charlie Brown

I absolutely love taking pictures of my kiddos with our family pumpkin outside our front door each year.  It's so fun to see the how the children change year after year.  Some days feel like they drag but looking back at these pictures, it reminds me that time is flying.

Here is how much Bennett has grown, pumpkin-style...
2010: 1 Year Old

2011: 2 Years Old

2012: 3 Years Old

2013: 4 years old

2014: 5 years old

Here is how these sweet brothers have changed:

2011: Brothers (Bennett, 2 years; Oliver, 4 years)

2012: Brothers (Bennett, 3 years; Oliver, 5 years)

2013: Brothers (Bennett, 4 years; Oliver, 6 years)

2013: Brothers (Bennett, 5 years; Oliver, 7 years)

And here's how much they all three have changed from last year to this year:

2013: All the Gamel Kids (Avonlea, 3 months; Bennett, 4 years; Oliver, 6 years)

2014: All the Gamel Kids (Avonlea, 1 year; Bennett, 5 years; Oliver, 7 years)

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